To provide small business owners with the tools to grow their business.


I’m passionate about helping small business owners, because I’ve worked for big companies making rich people richer all my career and exceedingly felt it was unfair that small business owners don’t have the resources like big companies do. I know because I grew up helping my parents’ small businesses my whole childhood. Hence the birth of microcap.co.


This website was born out of my desire to bridge the gap between the opportunities and resources that big companies have and small companies don’t have. I’m on a mission to help small businesses grow and to do that, the topics covered here include resources on how to:

  • find new customers and increase sales
  • save on operating costs and increase margins
  • value the company and find investors
  • mitigate risks and find strategic potential growth
  • sell the company at maximum price

I would love to hear from you and find out what you’d want to see here. Kindly drop me a note!

Email: contact@microcap.co.

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