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Best Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

I’ve been listening to business podcasts for a number of years. The consistent and long-time incumbents have gained a huge following. It reminds me yet again that the last one to quit is the last one still in the game, raking in all the profits. In addition to the veteran business podcasters, there have been […]

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Flipping Houses: How to Flip a House Successfully Your First Time (Download Profit Calculator)

The question isn’t whether you can make money flipping houses. If done right, flipping houses can make you serious money. For example, if you flip one house every 3 months and make $30,000 in profit, you can make $120,000 a year, with just 4 house flips. But flipping houses can go very wrong, costing you […]

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How to Become a Freelancer and Earn Over $100,000

It’s Monday yet again. A blink and your weekend is gone. Your alarm screams at you to get up because your cubicle awaits. Each drag of your foot feels heavy and unnatural. Why can’t you wake up at 10am, make yourself a nice big breakfast, and power up your laptop to work on your own […]

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How Much Can You Make as a Travel Blogger?

It seems like a far-fetched dream – getting paid for traveling? Watching travel shows on TV I often wondered how the heck those people got so lucky that they don’t have to sit under fluorescent light all day, 5 days a week. But thanks to the popularity of blogs, getting paid for traveling actually is […]

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Is It Profitable To Make An App?

How much it costs to build an app depends obviously on the type of app you want to build. If it’s a complex enterprise app where you want your customers to have customized login profiles and have the ability to do dynamic functions, then this will involve a backend server. These kinds of apps cost […]

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How Much Can You Make on Airbnb?

You pay hundreds of dollars to stay in an Airbnb when you travel. Why can’t you also list on Airbnb and make passive income while you work full-time? Well, if you already have a spare bedroom, there’s really no risk in listing it on Airbnb. And if you are thinking of buying an income property, […]

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