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about this blog is a blog with free content on valuing companies and analyzing company financials. I started this blog after having worked professionally in Finance for 7 years and coming to the realization that I had all this knowledge gained working for big companies that I could share with small business owners and aspiring financial analysts.

disclaimer contains my opinions only and doesn’t reflect the opinions of any organizations that are mentioned on this site. Don’t take any statements made on this blog as a statement made on behalf of any company. Information I use to analyze a company and perform valuation of a company or industry is true to the best of my knowledge, but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes from time to time. (I’m only human!) Information present on is for informational purposes only and should NOT be seen as any kind of advice. To reiterate, all information on is presented to show the result of my analysis and educational information but is NOT investment advice in any manner. Consult a professional financial advisor for advice, not here. I reserve the right to change how I manage or run and what you see on this site may change focus or content at any time.

Some links may be affiliate links (they don’t cost you anything). I don’t promote anything on this blog if I don’t like it.


Strengthen the small and medium enterprise sector by providing free resources from experience I’ve gained in years of working in Finance for big corporations. I still work at a big corporation, so I will remain nameless on this blog.


If you have questions, please email me at: microcap [dot] co{at] gmail [dot] com. *Note that I may or may not get back to you in a year, because I never check this email. Email me at your own discretion knowing this fact. Or, leave a comment on a post, and I might get back to you faster.